Current Projects

We want to be completely transparent with our valued customers about the operations of our District.  Part of your rates pay for upgrades to the water infrastructure and office technology that is making our team more efficient and our system more reliable.  We want you to know we are good stewards of public funds, so take a look at our current project list to see what we are working on.

GIS Mapping System.

Accurate mapping is critical for the reliability of our system.  We have found an affordable and efficient solution for an interactive, cloud based mapping system.  The system allows us to mark all our lines, meters, assets, hydrants and buildings so our field team can be highly efficient in locating leaks or maintenancing our valves.  One of our primary goals is a resiliant and reliable system.  GIS mapping is a huge step forward in that project.  

Estimated completion date is Nov. 30, 2022

Secondary Water Source

It's no secret our community is growing.  In order to sustain healthy growth and a resiliant infrastructure, GSSUD is embarking on a journey to a secondary water source.  We have initiated the engineering study to help us decide where and when we should put in the new lines.  Stay tuned for updates!