About Us

GSSUD: Incorporated in 1966
Our CCN Area is : 102.56 sq. miles

Acres we Serve: 65,120 acres

GSSUD serves customers from Scurry to Kaufman to Crandall to Talty including near Interstate 20 & Hwy 80.  

Our Goal: We strive to provide superior water service and exceptional customer service to all our customers.

GSSUD is a Political Subdivision also called a governmental body.  The entity was a Water Supply Corporation until 2007 when it was adopted and voted in by the members & by the U.S. Department of Justice under Senate Bill (SB 1942) the Special Utility District was created.

This change meant that the Corporation was dissolved and the SUD was created changing the ownership from "Member Owned" to 'A governmental body of the State of Texas" also known as a "Political Subdivision".

Operation was primarily the same for the District, there were changes to tax filings & TCEQ requirements along with a tax exempt status.  

GSSUD moved from a "Non Profit Organization" to a governmental body meaning certain tax forms & requirements were no longer required under the Texas Constitution.  

For more information regarding conversions from a "WSC" Water Supply Corporation to a "SUD" Special Utility District "Click Here" 

For more information regarding SB 1942 "Click Here"


At Gastonia-Scurry Special Utility District, our goal is to provide safe, clean, sparkling water to all of our residents!